more than a game

A battle royale game where having fun is more important than winning.

welcome to super cloudfight

Battle Royale

Dive into a battle royale where laughs matter more than the leaderboard. Gear up, goof off, and enjoy the wildest ride of fun over victory!


Experience the thrill of a battle royale with a twist – power-ups reign supreme! Just like in Super Mario Kart, grab game-changing boosts and outmaneuver your rivals in a race to the top.


Take to the skies in this high-flying battle royale! Strap into your jet roller and soar through the clouds. Be the first to complete three exhilarating loops and claim victory.


One flies high in the jet roller, looping through the sky, while teammates play defense. It's a thrilling blend of aerial acrobatics and strategic teamwork, all set to the high-speed action of Roller Derby!


Player fun

Multiple players on one map at the same time; duo, trio or quad squads.

Character fun

Customizable characters and planes, allowing for personalized experiences.

Throttle fun

Throttle system to evade, or chase enemies, making the gameplay more fast-paced and exhilarating.

Battle fun

Battle pass system and in-game microtransactions for cosmetic upgrades.

Power-up fun

A variety of power-ups to gain the upper hand in-battle.

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